Dimiter (Dimiter Yordanov) is a Seattle-based songwriter and music composer best know for creating all of the music in Netflix Series The Kindness Diaries and his work in Sony Pictures Bad Country. Being an adept, self-taught multi-instrumentalist from a young age, Dimiter has also built a repertoire of classical piano music.

Once a member of local groups Idiot Pilot and Red Museum, Dimiter has recently emerged as a solo artist with debut EP STARS on the horizon. 

STARS is a six-song album bursting with orchestras of synths and guitars that drive epic vocal melodies centered around themes of temptation, duality, and redemption of the human spirit.




Stay tuned for upcoming shows!

I am currently wrapping up my debut EP STARS, set to release on September 8th. Following the release, there will be a number of live performances of the album in its entirety at select venues throughout the United States and Canada. The first of these events will be a special Release Party. Dates will be posted here as they come!